What is the Keto Diet?

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What is the Ketogenic diet and lifestyle about?

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To answer questions such as ” What is the Keto diet ? ” and Does the Keto diet work ? ” you need to know how your body works and use carbohydrates. Every time we eat a meal, all the carbs we consume are broken down into Glucose which is what you need and use for your main energy source if you are not on the Keto diet that is. If like many people in the world, you consume more carbohydrates that your body can use straight away, it will then store any excess in your liver and muscles as muscles glycogen. This can also be used as energy, but, when your Glycogen tanks are full the your body begins to store the extra Glycogen as body fat!

Now straight away people will be shouting, ” The body needs carbs! Well not really. It does require a small amount of glucose to perform basic metabolic functions. This is according to best selling authors Jeff Volek PHD.D,. R.D., and Stephen Phinney M.D, PH.D. 

Our ” glycogen tank ” is limited to about 2000 calories whereas our ” fat tank ” has a much larger capacity of 40,000 calories. So the great thing is that when your body becomes keto-adapted, your glycogen metabolism will move to fat metabolism.  This means that your body will begin to see much improved energy levels and less cravings. 

Insulin and Fat burning

Let’s now talk a little bit about insulin and the part it plays in fat burning. Some people if they are diabetic or have experience of diabetes may already know a bit about it. When people eat a meal containing high carbs, their bodies have to produce more insulin. This is in order to deal with the increased glucose levels in the blood. So when your insulin levels are raised, your body locks fat in cells. It also blocks fat burning until your insulin levels have lowered again and can use the fat for fuel. 

Insulin-sensitive and Insulin-resistant. If a person is insulin-sensitive then their body will cope with the process of raising and lowering levels. But, if a person consistently consumes high levels of carbs/sugars, this can lead to insulin-resistance.  This is turn can also lead to high LDL and low HDL cholesterol levels. In addition there is risk of increased inflammation and eventually the threat of type 2 diabetes. So all this means is that carbs consumed increase insulin levels which will lead to increased energy or the storing of fat. Eat a low carb diet and the body requires way less insulin to regulate blood sugar.  So it then burns much more fat for energy and stores much less. 

Fat Burner ot Fat storer?

So, do you want to be a fat storer or a fat burner? There are many people who will swear by the keto diet, including many celebrities who have lost large amounts of weight. There are also many people who will say it is bad or a fad. Well It is a lifestyle. It can be hard in the first week, but if you read more of the guides on this site and make your own informed decision, I hope you will get through the hard parts easier and welcome your new way of life. 

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