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So you are about to start or may have already started your keto journey. It could be you are doing clean or dirty keto, whichever works best for you is fine. For many though, sweet keto snacks and  savoury keto snacks will help in times when they just need something quick when on the go. The UK is getting better for low carb keto snacks especially online. It can still be difficult to find them in supermarkets and shops. Luckily for those that buy often online, you can buy in bulk and save money on subscriptions to many keto snacks, on websites such as Amazon UK. Below are some of the most popular, highly rated and best keto snacks available to you. 

Best Keto Snacks UK

curators bacon pork puffs keto friendly
Top Rated Snack
dietly protein hamper for keto diet full of snacks and bars
Buy a Keto Protein Hamper

More Keto snacks and treats

Biltong is a great keto friendly snack, high in protein. It originates from South African countries and is similar to Jerky, but cut in slightly thicker pieces and hung to dry out slowly rather than cooked at low temperatures to dry out. There are some really good Biltong products available as featured below. 

curators british beef biltong low carb keto snacks
Low carb, high protein, British beef
1kg of fatty biltong
High in Protein, Artisan Biltong
the biltong man beef biltong keto friendly snack
Keto friendly beef biltong

There are some very high rated no sugar, low carb keto bars you can buy. Many of these are high protein keto bars, high fibre, low or no sugar. Adonis,  Krunchy Keto, Achieve and Keto Collection get some of the highest reviews and are available in multiple flavours and multi pack buys. Keto protein bars are a great way to keep you going if you are at work or on the move. Below are some of the best sweet keto snacks online. 

adonis keto bars, high protein keto snacks
Adonis Keto Bars, 16 pack
fatt ketogenic bars and cookies
Fatt Keto bars and Cookies
Krunchy keto snack bars low carb salted caramel no sugar 15 bars in box
Krunchy Keto Salted Caramel Bars
achieve low carb keto snack bars, best keto snacks uk
Achieve Low Carb Snack Bars
keto collection low carb no sugar bars, best keto snacks
Keto Collection Bars

Buy Keto snacks online

If you like bite size balls, there are some fantastic keto snacks balls available. Keto Boost Balls and XP Protein Crunch are two that come recommended. 

keto boost ball low carb 12 pack
Boost Ball Keto Multi Packs
xp keto balls snacks
High Protein, Keto Friendly Crunch

Cheesey Keto Snacks

If you love cheese and you are looking for savoury keto snacks, then look no further. There are many out there that are low carb and ideal keto friendly, but these are the ones that most people agree are the best. 

cheddar cheesies keto snacks
Amazon's Choice of Cheese Snacks
royal cheese bites crunchy keto snacks
Oven Baked, Natural High Protein
serious pig snacking cheese snacks
Snacking Cheese Snacks, Variety Pack

Here are some Keto cookies you might enjoy to snack on or maybe bake your own with some keto cookie mix. 

keto cookies buttery coconut, best keto snacks UK
Keto Friendly, 3g net carbs
fatt fattbar ketogenic cookies almond and vanilla
Almond and Vanilla Ketogenic Cookies
good dee's low carb keto friendly baking mix for cookies
Low Carb, Keto Baking Mix for Cookies

When it comes to eating chocolate on the keto diet, always try to eat at least 85% cocoa. There are some no sugar chocs out there and keto friendly which will suit some and not others. It’s all about the taste, but when you need a sweet keto snack, just a few pieces can really take away those cravings. 

lindt excellence 90% cocoa chocolate
Lindt 90% really hits the spot!
sooper good chocolate bars keto friendly low sugar
Keto Friendly Chocolate
4 x sugar free ethical keto friendly chocolate bars
Ethical, sugar free milk chocolate x 4

Pork puffs, scratchings and rinds are a go to for many on the keto diet for a snack. Yes it’s quite unbelievable that you can now scoff on these fatty, salty delights as a snack. Here are some of our favourites. 

the curators salt and vinegar and original pork puffs keto snacks
Top rated pork puffs in a variety of flavours
mr tubbs double hand cooked pork crackling
Premium quality, unique taste and texture
gruntled premium pork scratchings rinds
Multi pack, various flavours
lizza chocolate spread keto muffins low carb deserts
Low carb Snacks and Desert Mixes

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