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Can you drink alcohol on keto ? | Best low carb beers | Keto alcohol | Keto friendly wine

Question – Can I drink alcohol on keto?

Answer – Yes

Obviously drinking alcohol to larger amounts on any diet including keto does not help you lose weight. Also drinking alcohol on keto will not kick a person out of ketosis but it will pause it. If you are struggling to lose weight on the keto diet, it might be best to lower your alcohol intake, or if your weight loss has stalled, reducing alcohol intake can kick start you again. 

What alcohol can a person drink on the keto diet? Firstly, there is a big difference in the types of alcoholic drinks in terms of the number of carbs. 

Beers, Wines and Spirits on Keto

Pure spirits such as vodka, gin, whisky and tequila are fine as they all contain 0 carbs. The mixers with these drinks could be a problem for some people. Don’t obviously add sugar sweetened mixers to these spirits. With vodka for example you could try adding soda water and a twist of lime which will keep it at 0 carbs. And for those who like coke with their vodka, make sure it is diet or zero sugar. Avoid adding juices and sweet flavourings to your spirits. 

Wine is a lot lower in carbs than beers and this is a choice for many on the keto diet. If you are trying to keep your carbs under 20g a day, a glass of wine is usually fine. Still be cautious though. A dry wine contains around 0.5g of carbs a glass which is a fairly keto friendly wine. A sweet desert wine however contains much more sugar.  

For those of you who are beer drinkers, then there is more of a problem on keto. There are not many keto friendly beers out there. Take a look at the number of carbs on a 330ml bottle of a tequila beer for example. It will take up most of a persons carb intake for the whole day. Many men start the keto diet in order to get rid of their beer belly in the first place. So if that is the reason, then finding low carb beers is the only way, and then sticking to just a couple. 

Keto safe, Best low carb beers

Alcohol on Keto Diet

Keto friendly wines – Both White and Red wines are relatively low in carbs, with dry wines in particular low. The reason for them being more suitable is that  the grape sugar has been converted to alcohol during the  fermentation process. Semi-dry and sweet wines still have some residual sugar left and this will add a lot more to your carb intake and calorie count. 

Hard Seltzers are made from carbonated water and alcohol. Often they contain little to 0 carbs and so are suitable to drink on the keto diet. Each brand is different and so you do need to check first as some have a higher carb content than others. 

Hard Seltzers

Furlan Low sugar, Skinny prosecco

Vodka and Gin

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