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Alcohol on Keto - What Can You Drink?

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Navigating alcohol consumption on a keto diet requires a balance between enjoying a drink and maintaining ketosis. Alcohol itself lacks carbs, but it can temporarily pause ketosis until your body metabolizes it. However, certain alcoholic beverages align better with keto principles.

To savor drinks while upholding ketosis, opt for low-carb choices and avoid sugary mixers or additives. Pure spirits like vodka, gin, whisky, and tequila are carb-free and fit the keto bill. Consider mixers like soda water with lime or diet/zero-sugar alternatives.

Wine presents an option, with dry types containing about 0.5g of carbs per glass. Keep sweet dessert wines in check due to their higher sugar content.

Beer poses a bigger challenge due to its generally higher carb content. Limited keto-friendly beer choices exist; meticulous carb checking is essential.

We’ve curated a list of the finest alcoholic drinks that won’t disrupt your ketosis. By making informed, mindful choices and enjoying these options moderately, you can relish a drink without endangering your keto journey. Remember, striking a balance is vital, and always stay aware of your individual carb limits.

Question – Can I drink alcohol on keto?

Answer – Yes

Obviously drinking alcohol to larger amounts on any diet including keto does not help you lose weight. Also drinking alcohol on keto will not kick a person out of ketosis but it will pause it. If you are struggling to lose weight on the keto diet, it might be best to lower your alcohol intake, or if your weight loss has stalled, reducing alcohol intake can kick start you again.

What alcohol can a person drink on the keto diet? Firstly, there is a big difference in the types of alcoholic drinks in terms of the number of carbs.

Drinking alcohol on Keto - Beers, Wines & Spirits

Pure spirits like vodka, gin, whisky, and tequila are carb-free and suitable. The potential issue lies in the mixers used with these spirits. Avoid adding sugary mixers. For vodka, opt for soda water and lime for a zero-carb choice. If you enjoy vodka with cola, choose diet or zero-sugar options. Steer clear of adding juices or sweet flavours to your spirits.

Compared to beer, wine has fewer carbs and is favoured by many on the keto diet. A glass is usually acceptable if you’re keeping carbs under 20g per day. Be mindful, though. Dry wine contains around 0.5g of carbs per glass, making it keto-friendly. Sweet dessert wine, on the other hand, contains more sugar.

Beer presents a challenge for keto, especially since few keto-friendly options are available. Check the carb count on a 330ml bottle of tequila beer, for instance; it could nearly use up your daily carb allowance. Many men start keto to lose their beer belly, making low-carb beers the way to go—just limit consumption to a couple.

Keto-Friendly Beer

Wines and hard Seltzers On Keto

Keto friendly wines – Both White and Red wines are relatively low in carbs, with dry wines in particular low. The reason for them being more suitable is that the grape sugar has been converted to alcohol during the fermentation process. Semi-dry and sweet wines still have some residual sugar left and this will add a lot more to your carb intake and calorie count.

Hard Seltzers are made from carbonated water and alcohol. Often they contain little to 0 carbs and so are suitable to drink on the keto diet. Each brand is different and so you do need to check first as some have a higher carb content than others.

Keto-Friendly Hard Seltzers

Furlan Low sugar, Skinny prosecco

Vodka and Gin

To summarise - Drinking alcohol on Keto

Drinking alcohol on a ketogenic (keto) diet requires careful consideration to maintain ketosis. While it’s possible to enjoy alcoholic beverages without fully exiting ketosis, alcohol can temporarily pause fat burning as the body prioritises metabolising it over fat. To stay in ketosis while drinking, opt for low-carb options like vodka, whiskey, gin, or dry wine to minimise carb intake. Avoid sugary mixers and cocktails, which can spike blood sugar levels and hinder ketosis.

Moderation is crucial; excessive alcohol consumption can impair judgment and lead to poor food choices, disrupting keto goals. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration, a common side effect of alcohol.

After drinking, resume the keto diet as usual. Your body will eventually return to burning fat for fuel once it metabolises the alcohol. Keep in mind that individual tolerance and metabolism vary, so listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Overall, while alcohol can temporarily pause ketosis, mindful choices and moderation allow for occasional enjoyment while staying on track with the keto lifestyle.

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