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Keto breat, what are the causes?

There are a couple of reasons why when following the ketogenic diet, that you can begin to develop bad breath. This could be very off putting, not only to the people you are around, but also to yourself and whether to continue or not.

When you enter ketosis and your body begins to produce keytones, they will be expelled through your urine and breath exhalation. This is a direct result of a low carb diet and the start of the process in breaking down fat as your fuel source.

Another reason why bad breath can occur is the fact that you are now not only lower in carbs, but the increase in consumption of other nutrients such as protein and fats. The breaking down of protein in the body will produce ammonia and this will smell strongly when released in your breath and urine. So, how can we stop bad breath on keto? Well of course, you might well decide that you cannot continue with the keto diet and move back to increasing your carb intake. But if you are having great results in health and weight loss, then other ways to reduce the ketosis breath smell can be to drink plenty of water. This will help to rid the mouth of food particles, while lubricating the mouth. Making sure you brush your tongue when cleaning your teeth will also help fight keto breath.

If neither of these are working efficiently enough for you, then you can always try masking the smell with keto friendly breath freshener sprays and mouth wash. We have featured some of the most highly rated on this page below.

Keto Breath Fresheners

Ultrdex have a range of keto friendly, alcohol and sugar free products that can mask the dreaded ketosis breath smell. They have many highly rated reviews and will give you the confidence when speaking to people. Very handy to keep in your bag or the car.

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Keto freindly breath fresh spray
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Keto friendly mouth wash
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Keto freindly mints

Keto breath Meter

Check your ketosis level at the simple exhale of a breath with this ketoscan ketone analyser and realtime fat burning monitor.

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