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You might have heard people mention about taking keto collagen supplements and powders and wonder what they are and why they take them. What are the benefits of taking collagen while following the Keto lifestyle? 

First of all, if you take Collagen peptides, it will not affect your state of Ketosis whatsoever! Collagen peptides have the most benefits as they are absorbed by the body the most.  Apart from electrolytes, taking collagen while on Keto is probably one of the most beneficial supplements you can take. Collagen contains primarily Protein, and is also rich in amino acids. The benefits from these present are numerous in that they can help support joints, healthy skin, hair and nails. 

Many people will ask, Is it worth taking Keto Collagen? Well the answer to that is Yes! The reason being is that as we get older our bodies lose it. Taking a Collagen supplement has shown in trials that it significantly slows down this process. 

Why Take Collagen on Keto Diet?

As you might already have heard or experienced, you might suffer some form of hair loss at the start of Keto. This is caused by things such as rapid weight loss, stress and a huge change in your eating habits. 

Along with making sure you eat enough Protein and are getting your electrolytes, taking Collagen right at the start of your Keto lifestyle can help you keep one step ahead in reducing and preventing this. 

What are the benefits?

Other reasons why it is beneficial to take a Collagen supplement include;

  • Helping with fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite
  • Helps strengthen, skin, nails and hair
  • Can help reduce inflammation and repair bones and joints
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Helps keep a healthy gut lining
  • Helps with digestion regulation

How do you take Keto Collagen? A common way to take Collagen is by putting it in your drinks, tea or coffee for example. You can also incorporate it into foods and sauces if you wish. 

So which collagen is best to use for keto? You can buy Bovine or Marine Collage supplements. Bovine comes from Cow hide and Marine Collagen comes from fish skin and bones. Bovine is cheaper than Marine Collagen, but both provide great benefits. Collagen Peptides are considered the best for ingestion. Marine Collage is taken by people to help with beautification, skin and wrinkles. For people with intestinal problems, Bovine Collagen might be the choice. Taking both Bovine and Marine Collagen on the Keto diet will give you the most benefits over Skin, Hair, and Gut health. 

You can shop from some of the highest rated Collagen UK supplements below. 

Best Collagen Supplements UK

Best Keto Collagen Supplements – Reverse Life, High strength Hydrolysed Marine Peptide collagen powder.  Benificial for  Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints and Gut Health. Perfect for those on the Keto Diet. Stir, bake or mix it in to your food and drinks. Made in the UK and over 10k reviews!

Keto Collagen Powder UK – Wellgard Pure Bovine Collagen Hydrolydate Powder – The best-selling collagen supplement on the market in the UK.  The combination of unique bioactive collagen peptides are formulated specifically to promote healthy Hair, Nails and Skin! 

Keto Collagen UK – Healthspan hydrolysed marine collagen.  Easily absorbed in our bodies,  this form of collagen also provides high levels of amino acids such as glycine, proline and leucine.  With added vitamin C to assist collagen formation in your body

Best Collagen Supplements on Amazon UK

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